智能美容镜 诚实告诉你有多“丑”

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本文摘要:Looking in the mirror can be disconcerting at the best of times - and its about to get a lot worse.在情况最好的情况下照镜也不会令人恐怖,而如今状况很有可能会更糟糕。


Looking in the mirror can be disconcerting at the best of times - and its about to get a lot worse.在情况最好的情况下照镜也不会令人恐怖,而如今状况很有可能会更糟糕。A new smart mirror is being unveiled that has an in-built camera and tells you how many wrinkles, pores and red spots you have, as well as analysing your skins brightness and firmness, effectively telling you how haggard your skin is.最近面世的智能美容镜有一个内嵌监控摄像头,对他说给你是多少皱褶、毛孔和红疹子,还能分析皮肤的色度和紧实度,给你搞清楚自身的皮肤有多疲倦,十分简易。The HiMirror Plus , which costs an eye-watering £319, is a clever new voice-activated mirror that provides users with personalised skin health analysis and tailored beauty advice.这个智能美容镜起名叫HiMirror Plus ,市场价319美金,有点儿小贵。这个新的发售的智能语音控制美容镜必须给使用者获得人性化的皮肤身心健康情况分析,及其专业的美容提议。

We asked Katie Villiers-Smith, 28, from London, to test out the mirror and discover the truth behind her complexion.大家邀27岁的伦敦女孩卡迪-斯特斯波尔-阿诗丹顿来检测这款美容镜,寻找她的实际皮肤类型情况。So how does it work? You take a makeup-free photo using its camera and it can analyse dark spots, red spots, dark eye circles, wrinkles, pores, fine lines, and other complexion elements.那麼美容镜是怎样工作中的呢?最先要用监控摄像头拍摄一张素颜照片,美容镜能够分析黑色斑、红疹子、黑眼圈眼袋、皱褶、毛孔、皱纹和别的皮肤类型基本情况。From these, it creates a personalised Skin Index Synthesis report, which reports on skin firmness, brightness, texture, clarity, and overall healthiness.运用这种信息内容,美容镜能够溶解人性化的皮肤指数值综合性汇报,在其中还包含皮肤紧实度、色度、纹路、清晰度及其健康的概念情况。

After its analysed your skin, it then develops a custom-built skincare routine and recommends products that will address your specific needs.在分析完后你的皮肤后,美容镜还不容易溶解人性化的肌肤护理计划方案,并举荐必须合乎你特殊市场的需求的商品。To facilitate this, it records your skin condition over time so you can quickly and easily see which products work for you.为达成共识实际效果,美容镜还不容易跟踪纪录你的皮肤情况,有利于你省时省力地显出护肤产品的实际效果。

All your results are encrypted and stored anonymously. Only you can access them through logging-in with your voice and face.全部的結果都是会被数据加密并电子邮箱存留。唯有你根据语音控制或是人脸识别等方法特定才可以查看。

The people behind the mirror say they consulted with top dermatologists and fitness experts to bring users the best skin and fitness analysis and advice.产品研发者答复,她们与顶尖皮肤科医师和身心健康权威专家商议,为客户获得“最好的皮肤和身心健康分析及提议。”As well as analysing your wrinkles, the mirror also uses augmented reality (AR) to let users virtually try on make-up looks before taking the plunge in real life.除开分析你的皱褶,美容镜还用以增强现实技术技术性,让使用者在探险试着某类妆面前虚幻世界画妆。Theres also tutorials that teach you how to contour and shape your eyebrows to best suit your face shape.除此之外,也有一些彩妆视频教程来教你怎样所绘制有最好脸形的眼眉。


It also features an ambient makeup light that recreates five different lighting scenarios to finally put an end to the frustration of doing your makeup in one light and finding its far too heavy when you move into another.这个智能美容镜也有自然环境画妆灯作用,必须创设出有五种各有不同的灯光效果情景,永久性落下帷幕你一直在一种阳光照射标准下画妆,换为另一种自然环境又寻找妆过度美浓的烦恼。It can recreate a brightly lit office, shopping centre, dimly lit restaurant, sunset and sunny day outdoors, hoping to prepare its users for every eventuality.智能美容镜必须创设出有灯火辉煌的公司办公室、购物广场、光亮的饭店、黄昏和艳阳高照的户外等自然环境,期待必须帮助使用者应对各种各样状况。The smart mirror also has a My Beauty Box feature – an online inventory of the products in your makeup bag, which helps you track how you are using your products and whether theyre suitable and effective for your needs.智能美容镜也有个“我的美容盒”作用,线上存储你的化妆袋中的护肤产品,帮助你跟踪护肤产品用以状况,及其对你的皮肤否仅限于合理地。